Hey Vancouver! We are coming to Vancouver very soon. Help us get there quicker.

For starts, we have enjoyed our journey here in Toronto for over 8 years in the business of fashion inspired wedding photojournalism and films. You can just click the big Breathing Dreams logo above to go to the home page but I want you to read everything below. It will be worth it!

You can take a look some of our wedding highlights here (be sure to check out Ayush and Shireens Calgary wedding)


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A Indian Wedding film here:


We practically breathe “Bollywood”, and for us our dream is to move to Vancouver. Enough of this minus 35 crap that we get in Toronto. My poor french bulldog gave up on doing his business outside today!! How sad is that!! …and stinky, inside!!

How can you help?

Well hire us for your upcoming wedding photography or videography and we will foot the bill for travel of our team. Thats if you loved our work so far. Now at this moment we prefer either doing photography or videography only if you want us to foot the bill of travel of our team. Otherwise it can get a bit crazy for all 4 of us.

Furthermore, we are willing to give Vancouver a great deal on wedding photography/cinema packages. A bit of a discount on top of us footing the flight bill…One thing we guarantee is you will have a great time with us, and be able to show off some epicness to your friends and family of what we produce. We just dont stick to one style. We go with who the client really is and what do they like, we accept the challenge, and then the magic happens.

So give us a shout at contact@breathingdreams.net