"Breathing dreams like air." A quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, and now adapted to be our brand, our life, and our purpose. These two words, breathing dreams, defines our story so far in the amazing journey for achieving excellence in creating artful images and films. Every time a client, a friend, a friend of a client sees our work, especially, destination shoots, they always say, wow you are living the dream. Who are we kidding, heck yeah we are. We are breathing are dreams!

Our Moment

It was October 19, 2016, when I was standing atop a wooden staircase leading up to the Selfoss Falls in Iceland as one of our amazing couples were getting ready for their engagement session in one of the harshest weathers I have encountered, ever. Horizontal rain and high speed winds (Icelandics call it gail) was what we had to deal with throughout the day to get this photoshoot done. We did! Thats when it hit me. For a moment, I just stood their, closed my eyes, and envisioned my journey from 8 years ago, the day I picked up my first dSLR, to this day, standing with a team, my wife, and two amazing people that believed in us for doing what we love. It was like I was breathing my dreams like air!

The Evolution of the Industry

Over the past 8 years we’ve been blessed to work with some of the most incredible humans on this planet. From our incredible brides, grooms, event industry peers, designers, editors, photographers and everyone else, our family has grown into something very special. To say the least, in the most humblest ways, we have survived the 8 years and evolved from a husband/wife team working out of our small home office, to commercial business unit where we can thrive for sustainability. There is such a wide spectrum of prices, services offered, that obviously a new client couple, ready to get married gets quite overwhelmed with whats out there and whats the standard. We believe in the old saying, you get what you pay for. Many photographers add the video component, or vice versa, to add a better revenue stream, and quite frankly because its easier to book a client that it is out their searching for a "packaged deal". There always seem to be somewhat of a compromise on one of the services, and boom you know where they are stronger, and guess what, down the line this will become an issue when you receive the final product and it is somewhat short of what you really expected. 

The Breathing Dreams Experience

Breathing Dreams is a full time boutique studio that specializes in wedding photography and films. We take on a very select number of weddings each year to keep our sanity intact and pump out stunning quality in our work. Hiring a wedding photography and film team for one of the most important day of your life isn't like purchasing a car or even a house. Its a very high involvement purchase where your relationship with your vendor is probably above any other vendor in your wedding planning directory. You are investing in preserving your memories in an art form. Not everyone with an expensive camera and a lens can do what an experienced photographer and film maker can do coupled with a very trained vision for artistic compositions, lighting, and expressions. We have seen family drama, tough lighting situations, harsh weather, nosy family members, and jitters of all types. We have dealt and conquered it all. Many, many, many times. Once we arrive, it will all be smooth sailing from there and you will only have amazing memories to look back on through our films and photography,

We are a team of 6 creative artists that have banded together to save the world. Two of us are pure bred photographers only (and editors), two of us are true hybrids (photographers and film makers), and two of us are pure bred film makers. One of these folks is also a Waterloo University Certified UAV Pilot (a glorified name for a drone operator). When you hire us for your wedding photography and wedding film, you will be guaranteed to get at least one pure bred photographer and a pure bred film maker on your wedding team.

Our Products and Services

We offer a wide range of products and services at our studio. We have an in house head shot studio where do most of our glamour, fine art, and business portraits. We also have an amazing selection of print products from fine art wall mounted prints, to mat boxes, and Italian crafted albums. We love doing local Toronto and area engagement photo shoots and pre wedding films, destination engagement shoots and concept films, and yes of course, we have a special place in our hearts for destination weddings.

To date, we have travelled all over for engagement and destination weddings. We have shot destination weddings at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, Moon Palace Cancun, Riu Ocho Rios, and Hard Rock Punta Cana. We have also travelled as far as Iceland, Calgary, Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City and Montreal for creative engagement shoots. We also have a list of stunning locations that we would love to check off for our future clients for their photo shoots.